Sunday, May 27, 2012


This post is probably self indulgent clap trap and more for my benefit. I'm not sure. 

Friendships come in different forms. It's not always about seeing each other and going out for coffee or popping round each others houses to see how the geraniums are flourishing. It's not always about seeing how much food little Billy can fit into his mouth without choking. Sometimes it is just friendship without the hassle.

I'm talking drivel because a good friend passed away last week and due to the constraints of our health (Cystic Fibrosis) we couldn't see each other socially. We did meet up a few times and often bumped into each other at CF clinic. Back in the real world it was texting, scramble and words with friends. 

I'd known him for about ten years. He had the blackest humour that I'd ever known in another human being apart from myself.

He taught me a lot though. He taught me how to look at the prospect of death and accept it. He taught me that taking down a christmas tree in temper wasn't a good idea and told me to put it all back up before my family came home. He tried to tell me that country music was good.  He decided to only ever use my maiden name because my married name 'confused him'. Ha. 

I shall miss the insomnia texting. I'll miss the random cooking questions. I'll miss sometimes not knowing whether to take him seriously or not. I'll miss his complexities.

Even in death he was far more eloquent than I could ever be.

His final blog post and video:

Take care Rich. 


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  1. He was a unique guy and it's a damn shame. I wanted him to go for a transplant but I repect his decision not to.